We are involved in translations of christian books, bible portions & bibles as well as other christian literature/materials to almost all the languages in Asia. For work in languages spoken in other continents, we work in liason with other translation teams in those respective language groups working right in the center of the area where the language is pure and widely accepted.

Our Editorial Team and Linguistics Board has a good set of guidelines and review procedures to ensure high quality and precision in the work entrusted to us.

We would like to help you in translations of your good books too.

To know more write to us today.

We would not print anything objectionable to Godís creation & government bodies of the world - especially peopleís health, pure mind, right thinking and holy living. We offer special discounts for printing of Bibles & good christian materials. We are a Global Print Shop  at your desk and shipping at your door!  We reserve the right to offer to quote, print, publish and ship.
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