Creating the right design templates makes a book appealing to the reader. Even a very good content book with a wrong or poor design could make it irritating for the reader to read.

But, we have always offered to our customers a variety of features which makes the contents of the book more appealing making them choose Alleluia Print Services for typesetting & printing.

We are involved in typesetting for reputed publishers and authors in English as well as in almost all the languages of the world.

Some international publishers do provide the template and manuscripts to us – where the content is typed and proofread accordingly.

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We would not print anything objectionable to God’s creation & government bodies of the world - especially people’s health, pure mind, right thinking and holy living. We offer special discounts for printing of Bibles & good christian materials. We are a Global Print Shop  at your desk and shipping at your door!  We reserve the right to offer to quote, print, publish and ship.

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