Terms and Conditions

Alleluia Print Services would be referred to us as “We” and customers or suppliers etc. would be referred to us as “You” in the clauses of the terms and conditions referred below.

While we take every effort to honour the contract agreed and ensure that the work is done rightly for both of our interests and for long term healthy business relationship. But, to avoid any unpleasantness to all of us we have listed our terms and conditions as follows for you to kindly review and give your consent and approval.

1). We reserve the right to accept or reject you/the work at any stage of the project.

2). All manuscripts and other related materials provided by you has to be collected immediately on completion of the print job failing which they would be destroyed/discarded within 3 days of delivery. Any alterations or modifications in layout, design and content made by us from your originals would be returned unless additional charges as referred would be paid to us.

3). We are not responsible for loss of your original materials as well as printed sheets, books etc. during the process at our Press or outside of our Press or during transit or shipment due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances (such as floods, fire, war etc.). Any insurance of your materials has to be done earlier from your end or informed to us earlier and charges as applicable would be extra.

4). Incase of filing of insolvency, basic costs towards the raw materials and process have to be borne by you – failing which indemnity losses would be reimbursed with additional riders on it.

5). Once an order has been confirmed by you, any alterations, delay or cancellation would lead to additional charges and full payment of the order as per the price agreed.

6). Our terms of payment are 50% upfront which would be considered as deposit/advance and balance 50% to be made on completion and before delivery.

7). We always would resort to amicable settlement of any issues which could arise, but incase of arbitration or filing of court case – it would be done at the Madurai court (India jurisdiction) and all legal fees & incidental expenses to be borne by you.
We would not print anything objectionable to God’s creation & government bodies of the world - especially people’s health, pure mind, right thinking and holy living. We offer special discounts for printing of Bibles & good christian materials. Right now, we don’t print less than 1,000 copies and our priority is for long run printing. We reserve the right to offer to quote, print, publish and ship.
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